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Essential Mac Software

This is going to be old hat for anyone who is fully immersed in the Apple world. But here is my list of software which I have, so far, found useful:

  • Lotus Notes 6.5 (but where's the Designer? Ed...?)
  • Firefox equally the best browser for Mac or PC
  • MS Office for OS X if you can afford it or...
  • Open Office if you can't
  • Eclipse 3.0 the best Java IDE (imho) but again, where is WSAD for the Mac?
  • NetNewsWire for all your RSS needs
  • XRG a cool little resource monitor
  • Adium X instant messenger client (multiple protocol)
  • Net2Roam a global roaming ISP. Not the cheapest but reliable.
  • Virtual PC for when you can't avoid Windows.

    Over time I will add to this list as I come across other tools and utilities which I find useful.