Headaches and relief

Met up with an old friend in the City last night. A few beers, a bottle of wine and a curry later it was a matter of trying to get back to the hotel in the, now traditional, summer downpours.

Unsurprisingly there was a bit of a sore head this morning but for once some interesting mail in my inbox... Lotusphere 2005 early-bird registration has opened. I can't remember it ever being this early before, but given my recent renewal I have taken the leap already. Given the time difference with the States (the email came in very early this morning), the Europeans have a bit of a headstart to get the hotel they want etc. So I also have a room booked at the Dolphin, which having done it last year is well worth the extra expense.

And so the count-down to January 2005 begins. It can't be healthy to be this excited about a mere conference can it?