Referrer Spam

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this recently but I am starting get what seems to be known as "referrer spam". I won't publicise them by providing a link but "devaddict" and "webdevboard" both seem to be offenders.

The sort of people who send spam have now progressed to writing web crawlers which leave their trail in peoples referers lists (like mine at the bottom left of the page). I only display the list of referers because I find it interesting to see where people are coming to me from but if it's going to be abused I'll simply remove it or write a quick "black-list" function.

Once again the mentality of these people astounds me. Yes, they might get an initial hit rate increase on their sites but as soon as people realise what has happened, do you think that they'll continue to visit the site? I certainly wouldn't and I don't think many others would. Maybe they operate on the same margins as span and only need that one person in a thousand to survive.

It's bloody annoying though.