Hosting Web Services on Domino

This is something which I have been struggling with for a few days now and I can't be the only person who has tried it. First, some background. I want to host a Web Service on a "pure" Domino server (i.e. no Websphere or extraneous add-ons) for various political reasons which are too boring to go into, I would rather not run agents as I am looking for performance so a servlet seems the obvious choice and finally I don't want to have to manually parse the SOAP header, WSDL etc as we are trying to use complex data types between Domino and .Net.

Now, I realise that ND7 offers all of this with the new Web Service design element but I need it now unfortunately. Originally I was planning to use WSAD to read in the WSDL, generate the code and then just port it across to Domino but there is just too much hacking involved, I couldn't get it to work anyway.

So now I am looking at Apache Axis to see whether it could be a go-er and it looks promising but I have issues... will it perform, how dangerous is it to replace wsdl4j.jar on the Domino server as suggested on

If anyone has any experience it would be greatly appreciated. As I find the answers to the problems I'll continue to post updates and then, if anyone is interested maybe put together some sort of article about my solution.