Museum'ed out

If you don't like museums then you may run short of things to do in Washington. I spent most of the day at the National Air & Space Museum. All of the government run museums are free which makes a nice, cheap day (although there are plenty of opportunities to buy over priced tat in the multitude of shops). And even though they are free the ones I have been to have been high quality and interesting. Obviously lots of self congratulation but that can be forgiven.

Native Washingtonians (if that is the correct term) that I have spoken to have been complaining about the unseasonable cold snap. But from my point of view mid to top 70s is just about perfect for this sort of holiday. Apparently it is going to heat up again at the end of the week but I'll be gone by then so it should work out rather well.

I have just nipped back to the hotel to recover for an hour before heading out again on a night tour of the major sights. All of the big monuments get lit up at night, of the few I have seen it should be pretty spectacular. Can anyone say "photo-op"?