Off on another jaunt

I am sat in the lounge at Heathrow Terminal 3 waiting for a flight to Washington Dulles as I am off on another holiday. I know, you are saying "Another? Doesn't this guy do any work" but it's been 6 months since I had a day off and I fancied a trip away for my 30th birthday tomorrow.

I drove down to Heathrow last night as I found a good hotel and parking deal. Unfortunately I didn't know that there are two Sheratons very close to each other. So I queued for 20 minutes to check in only to be told that I was at the wrong hotel... D'oh!

In the end it worked out rather well as my hotel last night was very nice and they had obviously phoned ahead as they upgraded my room for me. It pays to be an arse sometimes.

I haven't flown from Heathrow for quite some time and had forgotten what a hell-hole it is, and at the start of the summer holiday season it's even worse, the queues were just ridiculous everywhere. Anyway, my battery is about to run out and I think I might go and get some breakfast.

See you State-side.