FA Cup Day and First Test of the summer

Yesterday we met up with an ex-colleague who has moved to Spain but is back in the country for a few days. It was great to catch up and have a long lunch break in the pub (for a change on a Friday).

The theme continued with a trip out in the West End for the evening... dinner was pretty good and a few drinks were had by all. It meant staying up as there was no point rushing for the last train home so I only got home at lunchtime today.

Just in time to catch the build up to the FA Cup Final in Cardiff. It's never normally a great game (even less likely today with Man Utd facing poor old Millwall) but it's traditional and we Brits do that better than anyone. While watching I have been keeping up with the first crisket test of the year. A real indicator of summer being on it's way.

All this on top of a renewal this week (which incorporates an arrangement for the impending chaos with trains and a week off in July for my birthday) means I am rather happy at the moment. :o)