I hate waiting for deliveries

I was meant to have some furniture delivered today but it has not worked according to plan.

I placed the order back in March but thought I would wait for the first weekend delivery date to avoid taking a day off work. So I got up early this morning as I thought they might be coming at 08:30 (according to the original schedule). Nothing. By 11ish I thought I would phone to see what time they were coming, only to be told "Oh I'm sorry sir but we have rescheduled the delivery to the 16th of May. Didn't anyone tell you?".

Well I'm afraid I wasn't very nice to the poor girl on the other end of the phone. It isn't her fault and there is nothing she can do about it so I have just vented my spleen by sending a batch of e-mails and letters to the main board of the company (the internet is a wonderful thing for locating this sort of information!). I doubt it will achieve anything but it made me feel better.

What it does show is a lack of proper thinking about processes and system design. For example, they have my e-mail address on the order, how difficult would it be to automatically e-mail me when any dates on the order change?. There is no requirement for someone to phone and it doesn't cost anything to send an e-mail. I don't know, maybe I am just too used to thinking about things from a Workflow point of view?