Room Finally Finished(?)

I should be getting my new sofas delivered today, I won't hold my breath given recent failures but I do hope they come as I have no seats in my living room at the moment. Having thought I would move the old sofa upstairs I mentioned it to a friend who rents out several houses, he said he could use it so I dropped it off early this morning.

We agreed I would rent a van and he'd sort me out later. I haven't rented anything in the UK before and forgot that they would both parts of my driving licence. Normally, in the States the rental companies don't know about the paper part of the licence which meant that I had to try and find it last night. Well my "filing system" didn't work too well and it took me almost three hours to find. Inevitably it was the last place I thought to look hidden away somewhere safe. On the up side I found various bits and pieces which I had forgotten about including a whole pile of photos from university, my old R5 certifications and a pile of cards (birthday, leaving, Christmas etc) which I hd put aside for some reason. In the end I was up going through it all until quite early this morning.

It's funny how you can get side-tracked into these things.

The sofas did indeed turn up (although not until 5pm and I was getting a bit concerned). It all looks pretty good now and should keep me happy for a few years to come.