thanks to ben for the heads-up on the safari tab colour issue. for a change it seems that mozilla allowed a bug in my style sheet to slip through the net. i had set the hover color (don't pick me up on the spelling, colour in programming is spelt in the american format) to transparent by mistake and both ie and firefox allowed it to pass. safari took me at my word and made the text invisible when it was hovered over. a simple fix as i just had to make it black instead and there is no difference in display for ie or firefox.

apart from that minor issue i have now got search working properly for firefox and safari and spent an hour or so playing with the meta-tags last night. i hadn't thought about search engines for a while and had assumed that meta tags are no longer any use now that google owns the world. however i found a good couple of sites to help set up the tags properly, thinking that maybe in a few weeks i would get spidered. well in the 12 hours since i have been visited by most of the large search engines who have completely spidered the (fairly limited) content on the site already.

an interesting side note that i am not sure about is that i had noticed in domlog that some spider engines had already tried to visit the site last week but had stopped when robots.txt was not returned to them as it does not exist by default on a domino server. so to make sure there were no problems i put a blank file on the server. not sure if it has made a difference but there is no overhead having it so it can't hurt.