the new site that i mentioned is finally live. 50wordreview.com has reviews of movies, music and gadgets written by myself and various other people. fiona (my sister-in-law) has put up a lot of movies which she had been maintaining in a spreadsheet until now.

i am not sure what will happen with the site but it was fun to set up and i quite enjoy the challenge of saying something in such a small number of words (people who know me will be aware that i am not the most talkative at the best of times).

the site itself is running on a 6.0.2 server and is spectacularly simple with just a couple of forms and a few views. i started the whole project to get my nd6 skills up to scratch so i have used as many of the new formulae etc behind the scenes as possible but then you'll never see that so why would you care? the only challenging bit has been the css design which worked fine in ie but was more difficult to get working in mozilla (i haven't even looked at safari yet). i will continue to add tweaks such as getting searching working in firefox but we are pretty much there so i thought i would publicize it here.

please let me know what you think.