Inspirational Books

I read quite a lot of books (not nearly as many as DuffBert, I really don't know how he gets through so many). Every so often I come across a book which just makes me feel good to read and recently there have been two, both of which, coincidentally are based around making significant changes in life or business. I am not particularly looking to change anything (why would I?) but if I were you could do a lot worse than start with these...

What Should I Do With My Life? by Po Bronson is quite simply the most uplifting book I have read in a long time. It describes how several people have completely changed their lives often, but not always, with great success. Bronson discusses just how hard it is to make a leap but makes the results so appealing that I would guess a lot of people have been inspired to make that move.

E-myth Revisited is a book more focused on small businesses and what it takes to succeed. It has a slight tendency to fall into over touchy-feelyness (if that is a word) but some of the ideas are genuinely interesting and Gerber does have a style of writing which is quick and easy to follow.

No doubt now people will think that I am looking to down-shift or change my life somehow and although I am always looking there is nothing spectacular on the horizon... honest.