one of the obvious things to come out of lotusphere was that there is no choice but to learn websphere if i wan tto continue using ibm software. i had been putting it off, consoling myself with picking up visual studio .net and domino 6.5, but now i have to bite the bullet.

a problem for me is that a single license for ws costs over gbp2,500 which is, frankly, ridiculous. a couple of years ago i had the deve loperworks toolbox but then last year they put the price up to over gbp2,000 for a renewal. i noticed this morning that the price has come down again. the basic package starts at gbp360 and includes all the lotus software i would need, but for a ws 5.1.1 server and wsad package i am looking at around gbp1,200. still a lot of money, i am going to have to think about this forĀ a while.