after getting back from lotusphere, the challenge is always how to go about getting some of the cool stuff used in real life. where i am working at the moment is particulary restricted because we are still using 5.0.11 and there are no plans to upgrade to 6.0 let alone 6.5.1. so i am limited to fewer options.

one of the cooler things i saw in the ibm research lab was the donuts rss aggregator which integrated some awareness features and logging of activity in place of a scoring mechanism. i have a few ideas of how this sort of thing could be implemented for a crm system to keep people up to date with happenings in their market sector but there will not be any funding for me to do this officially so a feel a few late nights coming on.

for the second time in a month, i have gone away and there were no major disasters, so something must be going right.