jake raises a good point about e-commerce sites today. if it doesn't work first time you won't use the vendor again.

well i tried to buy a new pen/pda stylus combo earilier in the week from total pda. the order went through fine and i got the confirmation e-mail. only then did they mention that because i had never shopped with them before i had to fax or post then two utility bills to confirm my name and address before they would ship out the product. there are two issues with this, i don't have two utility bills for my company as it is based at my home, and two it is a huge pain in the a**e. so i phone and cancelled the order, annoying for me, lost business for them.

i suppose this was aiming to stop credit card fraud, but frankly if that is the hassle i have to go through to spend 12 pounds then e-commerce has serious problems.