Domain Fun And Games

So is still knackered. It appears that the company I registered the domain with had one of their servers hacked and I have lost control over the domain as a result. My approach to this is to do something I have been meaning to for a long time - transfer the domain to my Dynamic DNS host and then run this site from my homer server instead.

As ever with these things it will take a few days for DNS to sort itself out so my apologies if you are having trouble.

I will also have to work out a good migration strategy for people who have bookmarked the URL which has been this site's home for the last 3 years. I guess I'll just put up a light design into this database which redirects you to the new website. The only bit I am not sure is how to transfer those of you read via RSS. Looking at the recent transition of the Lotus Weblog it appears that I'll have to rely on you to manually remove one feed and replace it with a new one, unless anyone has any bright ideas.