Catch Up

Things have been quiet here recently for which my apologies. A combination of a lot of work, a cold and a total lack of inspiration have contributed in equal measures.

Winter has kicked in in a big way over the last few days and I have managed to pick a cold which has left me feeling less than overflowing with life. It feels like it's going to be one of those long, drawn out affairs which never completely takes over but which is always nagging in the background. Most annoying of all it meant that I wasn't on great form for a visit by Simon and Fiona at the weekend and had to duck out of a lunch I had been looking forward to for ages yesterday. Apologies all round for that.

Work-wise things are going to peak later this week (hopefully) and then tail down to for a few weeks while testing is happening with a release just before Christmas which should be good fun as we are breaking all sorts of rules by doing it so late in the year.

On a completely different note there is a really interesting and disturbing tale here. Russell Beattie writes a good blog but has had the misfortune to become the target of an online stalker. You can shrug off the online abuse but when the guy starts calling your house it would start to get a little worrying. I hope by bringing it out into the open that a swift resolution is brought about for Russell and his family.

I will continue to be a bit slack here over the next week or so but will get back to it for Christmas and then Lotusphere. I promise... maybe...