Excellent Weekend

The end of a really good weekend. I headed back down to London on Saturday, originally planning to do the Saatchi gallery before going out in the evening but because the weather was so appalling I decided just to relax in the pub and have a few beers. Dinner in the evening was great fun, catching up with old friends is never hard work. The only challenge was getting a taxi at 01:30 on Sunday morning. But who needs sleep anyway.

Sunday was possibly the most relaxing day ever. A lazy start with breakfast in my hotel room and reading the newspaper. I headed off to meet up with the others at Simpsons in the Strand. While Dad had his carving lesson we wandered along the Enbankment and then up to Somerset House which is well worth a visit, especially when they convert the quad into an ice rink from the end of November.

Lunch was the definitive English roast, if you are looking for an example of what an English Sunday lunch is then book yourself in here. The couple of bottle of wine probably helped as well.

Back into the normal week now, but a weekend like this really sets you up. I wonder how long this will last?