the sunday night thing was excellent. because of the location of my room i was able to sit and watch the marauding hoards champing at the bit to get in. i headed on down once the initial queues had gone. i must say i prefer it when it is not superbowl themed because everyone seems a lot more inclined to talk. as had been discussed before getting here, the newly formed iblog crowd managed to meet up. it was great to say hi to these guys (of whom there are loads now and i am just appalling at remembering names). the cult t-shirt this year is a cracker, must try and get one before the end of the week.

i finally bumped into another ex-colleague and we caught up for half an hour. the only problem with the party is that it finishes so early. we went off on a mission to find more unofficial gatherings but had no luck so ended up back in my room finishing off the extra beers and wine that had been "liberated" while watching the disney-bots clearing up the mess on the beach from the party. i have to say that they are impressively efficient, sat here at 05:00 there is not a sign that anything happened last night.

i am getting my food in the dolphin again this year so i will head off their at about 7ish to see who is around and get a good spot for the keynote session. maybe not too close to the speakers though as my head is hurting a little!

more to follow later today.