well, what a difference from last year!

i came out of the opening general session in 2003 feeling quite depressed and not at all confident about the future of notes and domino.

the technology is hugely impressive, the sort of thing that is easy to sell to managers and it looks pretty interesting from a techy point of view. i will definitely spend some time investigating this week. nd8.0 is confirmed and rather than running as a seperate stream which was the impression i got last year, the move towards the new workplace client which runs on eclipse looks much more appealing.

there was a master stroke in the special guest this year, patrick stewart (captain picard from star trek for the uninitiated) is just a shoe-in for rapturous applause from a crowd of five thousand techies. managing to get some laughs from shakespeare was equally impressive. overall the session was so much slicker than last year, no run overs, good presenters and well strucutured.

it's going to be an interesting few days :)