i have been pretty quiet recently, mainly because there just aren't enough hours in the day. pressure is really being mounted up in the office and i always seem to have a huge to-do list at home as well. although none if it is particularly exciting.

one of the relatively interesting things i am looking at currently is making a largeĀ crm application available to users who travel on the road a lot. there are two schools of thought, quite a lot of people are keen on pda enabling the app so that call reports can be logged on an ipaq for example. but being a notes enthusiast i think this sort of thing is better suited to a notes client application. it would have the advantage of running on a laptop so there would be a proper screen, also we could bring down a lot more associated data for lookup lists etc.

the battle comes because domino is no longer the primary data store for the crm data so we would have to look at running a pseudo replication setup using soap-xml (or some such flavour of the month). it would be an interesting project to develop and pretty challenging as well but first we have to persuade a sceptical management team that this is the way forward.