bought a new camera on ebay this week and it arrived this morning. it's really good quality and a big step up from my old camera which has served me well for 4 years now.

it's been a very interesting week all round really. a new project at work has brought in an american firm, goldtier to do some development and they have quite an impressive application platform to run off. there also many political machinations happening which i am stuggling to keep up with (us developers don't make good politicians) but i can't complain that life is boring anyway.

i have a load of reading to get through to try and get up to speed with some new methodologies before several meetings next week. but sitting and reading isn't a bad thing today as it is still extremely hot and humid.

overall this summer is turning out to be a good one.

i almost forgot... the football season starts again today so ipswich are facing reading at portman road this afternoon. given the temperature at the moment, the players will really earn their wages today.