the dates for next years closure of the railway tunnel on the mainline between london and norwich have been announced. the tunnel on the london side of ipswich station will closed from 11th july 2004 until the 5th september 2004.

full details can be found on the anglia railways website but the main bits of information are that buses will run between ipswich and manningtree from where trains to london will be running for the ipswich and stowmarket crowd. those unlucky enough to come from diss or norwich have to go via cambridge which will be fun for all concerned.

anglia are claiming that the run to manningtree will add around 30 minutes each way to the journey but personally i would be budgetting an hour extra. just the logistics of running enough buses between the stations at peak times will be too much for anglia to handle. i am either going to rent in london for the duration if i am still working in the city or, hopefully, not be affected by the whole issue.