this morning has been another release of one of the projects i am the technical lead for. i have been in the office for a couple of hours now and all seems to be going ok. we will see by the end of the day if everone else has remained calm or if there is a panic.

the system which has just been upgraded is fairly mature now and this will probably be the last-but-one version before it is migrated to a .net implementation. to be honest, given the scale and complexity of it, we have done well to keep it going in domino at all over the last 18 months but the future requirements take it out of domino's league. this is a pity in one way, but if we had tried to shoe-horn the features that are being requested into domino we would be doing no favours for the other domino apps in the bank as it wouldn't reflect well.

the other plus is that there is the prospect of working on a brand new application rather than updating an old one. but that is purely selfish!