a bit of a damp day today so i took the time out to try and solve a problem a couple of us have been tussling with for a while. [note - if you aren't into domino the following will not make the slightest sense]

we have a requirement to dynamically load one of (potentially) many computed subforms. of course when you compose a new document, the subform formula is only evaluated the once which makes the whole issue quite problematic. this is a pure web application over quite slow connections so we need to minimise the number of form refreshes. the best i have come up with is to load all of the potential subforms initially, each in it's own div and then removing the html from each div so that we can put it back in using javascript at a later point if necessary. this has several downsides (including a large initial download and a load of unnecessary fields stored on the final document) and so i have been playing with the idea of using the _doClick function on a pop-up window to try and force a recompute of the subform formulae by changing the form name. no luck so far but i think the idea has potential.

it's nice to be dealing with a purely technical problem rather than a political or architectural one for a change.