i have tried to keep my moaning about the trains down to a minimum recently but last night was a new contender in the "worst journey on a train 2003" category. rather amazingly, all four sets of lines came down on the tracks so no trains left liverpool street until 17:00. even then it was only the commuter trains so people were literally forcing themselves into the carriages, to the point where you could only stand upright by leaning on those around you. it took around 90 minutes to get to shenfield (normally about 15 minutes) at which point we had to get off the train and wait for a connection. one did turn up but there was absolutely no chance of being able to get on it. same for the next two so in the end four of us gave up and went on a bit of a search for a taxi.

one hundred pounds later and 2 hours late i picked up my car from the station in ipswich. so not the longest journey ever but certainly the least enjoyable... ladies and gentlemen i think we have a new champion.