the following come from bbc news about changes in security procedures since 9/11:

"Winner of the 'Most Egregiously Stupid Award' was the Australian government for a series of policies and education campaigns, which included the distribution of leaflets and fridge magnets, to warn citizens about terror risks and how to cope with chemical attacks. The hugely expensive campaign was carried out despite the fact that there is little suggestion that Australia is a target for terror groups."

this is so true. over my recent travels i got into the habit of arriving at the airport 3 hours before my flight (which i would never normally do) as the security checks took so long. this was especially true for those of us who carry a laptop, numerous times i had to actually remove the battery from it's compartment before it was x-rayed.

my personal favourite is the explosives "sniffer" which checks your shoes. pity the poor customs staff who are assigned the task of swabbing peoples feet with the little bit of tape to go in the machine.