well i am finishing as i started, sat in the ba lounge waiting for my flight. we don't take off until 23:45 this evening so it's going to be a matter of trying to keep awake until what feels like 04:00 to kill the worst of the jet lag.

i did get up to the peak today but unfortunately couldn't see anything as the cloud level seems to be at about 200m and the peak is at 400m. still the fernicular railway was an experience in itself. there is one part of that which is 17 degrees from the vertical, quite a ride.

with the cloud it was still raining this afternoon so i headed back over to kowloon to wander round again and lacking any other bright ideas i went to the cinema again. the only thing i haven't seen on the numerous flights over the last six weeks was daredevil so wasted a couple of hours on that.

next stop heathrow at 05:25 where i'm being met by my long suffering mum (with much gratitude on my part).