on the ritz in hong kong. well it is the last hotel i'll be staying in on the trip so why not go out in style.

the ritz is on hong kong island but everything is very compact here. i had a long sleep last night but with the time difference i was still up early. so i had breakfast (european, i can't face noodles before lunch time) and got on the star ferry across to kowloon. as you can tell from the pic, things are fairly dreary here, it's wet and the cloud is low. but it's still very humid. i spent a vast amount of time shopping. this is unheard of for me but the only thing which can tempt me to do it is gadgets, and it's nerd heaven here.

my first impressions of hong kong are pretty good. not somewhere you would come to relax but it looks like fun.

the journey over yesterday was easy but i was absolutely knackered by the end of it. not sure why, maybe it's the first early start for weeks that did it. unfortunately i finished my book with four hours of flying still to go and i couldn't sleep so i ended up watching bond again.

hopefully tomorrow the sky will be a bit clearer so i can get up to the peak and see the views, it's meant to be good up there.