like everyone, i am afflicted by spam on a daily basis. i have various strategies and in the end just clear out my inbox every morning. but today i am really ticked off by my own bank sending me spam.

having my own domain names means i can identify who has passed on my e-mail address so i was extremely surprised this morning when i received an advert for a new credit card from lloyds tsb via a company in santa monica. it seems a bit of a joke that banks are always telling us to protect our details when they can then go and sell (presumably) my details to the highest bidder.

i fail to undertand the decision from their point of view as well. all spam does is create ill feeling, i can't believe that anyone would actually take out a new credit card on the basis of unsolicited e-mail.

so the plan is to make their marketing department pay for the mistake by identifying why they have let my details be sold, and why they think i would like to know about a credit card when i already have one from them. if they waste enough time dealing with stroppy gits like me then maybe they will stop using this marketing plan.