with all the flying in the last three months, i racked up enough miles to get a business class ticket to new york and back so i have booked flights for our christmas getaway in florida. we have rented a villa and there is a mass exodus of the family. some of us are spending a couple of nights in new york first and then getting a domestic flight down to mco. so that should cater for some of the winter blues for next year.

in the meantime, spring is here (at least for the moment), the weekend weather was great and everyone just seems that little bit happier. the ozzies i know notice this the most, that people are more polite and cheerful as soon as the sun comes out for the first time.

not that everything is rosy. the war continues and looks like it will last longer than at least the americans were expecting. all we can hope is that it is over quickly and with as little loss of life as possible.