simon and fiona were down in suffolk this weekend and i think everyone had a good time. as ever we had a long dinner (and lunch today) fuelled with a couple of glasses of wine and much pointless banter. because most of us have been out of the country over the last couple of months (some for longer than others) there was the obligatory photo marathon. generally a very relaxing weekend although all of the wine last night did me no favours this morning.

it's head down and work (for a change) for the next few weeks to try and get everything back to normal. there are a few interesting bits and pieces to come over the next several weeks to do with work and some things i'd like to do but i have to do some planning work first, so more to follow.

on a more worrying note, it looks like the war will start tomorrow. it's difficult to be surprised but disappointment is another matter. it's a naive hope but i would really like there to be something we haven't been told to make all of this worthwhile, otherwise history will judge these last few months very harshly.