it looks like my last couple of days in oz are going to be spent largely inside. the weather today is fairly cool (19 degrees) and rain showers. the same is forecast for tomorrow. i managed to get to melbourne zoo this morning between showers to see the required ration of koalas and kangaroos. i did see a wild koala in ayers rock last weekend but couldn't get a good shot of it.

after leaving the zoo the rain was fairly heavy so i went to melbourne museum, which wasn't bad, although i have noticed that there are an increasing number of sponsored exhibits. fine if there is not direct interest for the sponsor, for example esso sponsoring the tiger enclosure at the zoo seems sensible. but i have a problem with the smithkline beecham sponsored drugs and immunology exhibit at the museum where we were fed one big advert for skb with little seeming benefit. moan over.

depending on the weather i will either go up the melbourne tower or to the cinema this evening and then tomorrow there might be some aussie rules football or the melbourne motor show.