or is it monday or tuesday? according to my watch it's 07:30 on wednesday morning but to be honest it could be next saturday for all i know.

i have just landed in auckland after a 12 hour flight from lax. actually, it has been as painless as i could have possibly hoped (the several bottles of wine may have helped there). although new zealand is 20 hours ahead of la, it really only feels like a four hour time difference (i have just lost a day somewhere). i am also benefitting from trying to check into my hotel before any reasonable person has woken up. they have upgraded me to a suite (ie a living room and bedroom along with a fast internet connection).

i have yet to work out what to do today but i am going to try and follow some advice i read in a book recently. rather than bowing to jet lag, embrace it and enjoy the spaced out feeling you get from not having slept properly for 36 hours. so off for some spaced out wanderings!