went on the customary bus tour this morning to get my bearings. unfortunately the weather isn't great, there are quite a lot of rain showers. so after seeing the city i went to pick up the car so that i could go and have a closer look. so after a wander around the mcg (melbourne cricket ground) which is being rebuilt at the moment, i headed over to albert park where the grand prix track is being prepared. i was expecting to have to peer through fences to see anything but you can actually drive round part of the circuit (hence the pictures of fosters and mobil advertising. it gives you a great sense of what it must be like driving fast round these corners, some of which are marked up for us mere mortals as 20kmph max.

i carried on past albert park and out to the bay for some lunch at a small fish restaurant in sandringham of all places. very pleasant watching the weather roll in off the sea.