after 3 days of driving i am in melbourne. i still have the car until sunday but it doesn't look like i'll need it, melbourne seems to offer plenty of public transport, including a tram stop just outside the hotel.

i hadn't worked out before why it was so difficult to get a decent hotel here, but now it's obvious. the australian grand prix is next weekend, and the city already seems to be gearing itself up for it.

the drive to lakes entrance turned out to be a long one so i didn't see much of it except to say it looked very nice. at one point i was stuck for an hour at some roadworks in the snowy mountains. not a massive problem as the weather was great and the guy holding the stop/go sign came and sat on the grass next to the car and we had a long drink and chat. gradually more cars arrived and it turned into a bit of a picnic. can't see it catching on on the m25 though!