drove from wollongong to canberra today after flying from ayers rock back to sydney yesterday.

i didn't get much of a chance to see wollongong as it was dark when i got there last night and i left fairly early this morning, but it was an easy drive from the airport which was all i was really interested in.

canberra is a very strange city, i have never been anywhere with such vast streets and little traffic. i was actually in and through the centre before realising it. having said that with the blue skies, pleasant temperature and manicured forests everywhere, it's very nice. the one thing people had told me to do here was go and look at the parliament. it's certainly a much better working environment than westminster must be. there was a large peace demosntration going on so i couldn't get up onto the grass roof but i did the tour inside which quite reminded me of the un building in new york for some reason.