i have arrived at ayers rock. a bit of another hotel mishap. the one i had booked into forgot to mention on their website that they do not have tvs, desks or, indeed, windows in the bedrooms. the major point of being here is to see ayers rock so not having a window seems a little strange. the guy at the desk agreed and told me it was the managers decision. they obviously have a lot of people a bit surprised as he immediately offered to move me to a different hotel (there are about 6 or 7 places here, but they're all run by the same people) and upgrade me. so now i have a much more reasonable room. it's a bit obscured by the brush but i can see ayers rock off in the distance so i'll have to set the alarm early to get the sunrise tomorrow.

i have been advised that this is a great place to go in a helicoptor, and as i have never been in one before, tomorrow seems like the ideal opportunity.

it's been raining in new south wales for the last couple of days, everyone else is really happy as it is helping to alleviate the worst drought in living memory but for me it's a bit of a pain. when i was driving to kingsford smith (the main airport in sydney) yesterday it rained for the entire 6 hour journey. at one point we were stationary for an hour as a truck had come off the road and there was no way past. up here it is a bit cloudy but very hot at 36 degrees, no humidity either which makes a welcome change.