i have never seen anywhere that has quite so many ferraris, bentleys and other luxury cars as rodeo drive. it is just round the corner from my hotel so i went to have a look. honestly there must have been millions of pounds worth of cars just sat there, and it's not as though they can be used around here, it makes london traffic look like a clear sunday afternoon.

regardless, you can't survive in la without a car, as far as i can tell there isn't a discernable centre, just lots of disconnected famous bits. i headed up into beverly hills this morning to have a look around. didn't see anyone famous but there were some great houses and views over the valley. to be honest though, i am not really a big fan of what i have seen of la. in a way i hope i have missed something as otherwise there are millions of people living in a soulless grid of highways and high-rise buildings.

tomorrow evening i head off to new zealand. i have been trying to work out the time zones and flight times. i think i will be out of synch for quite some time. the plane leaves at 8pm on monday and i don't land until wednesday! not sure when i will get to post again but hopefully won't be too long.

i have just noticed that the zip code of the hotel is 90210... i thought that had been made up for the tv series.