a relatively long drive today up from sydney to port macquarrie. it took around 5 hours, although i was not really pushing it.

port macquarrie is a really pleasant little town on the east coast of new south wales. it seems to be set up mainly for tourism (though not too tackily), but because we are now just heading into autumn here there is very little happening. there are some great houses right on the water here. if you lived in sydney this would be a great place to have a second home for long weekends and holidays. because it's so quiet, i've been given a room with a plum view over the water by the hotel. the plan is to go and test out some of the local vineyards and generally have a break from cities.

it has come as quite a surprise to me that i am not that big a fan of sydney. there's lots to do and the people are really nice but it just doesn't have "it" in the same way that auckland does. that's not to say that i had a bad time in sydney, just not as good as i was expecting. maybe therein lies the problem.