the journey over to sydney was extremely easy. but once i landed things didn't go so well. it took over two hours to get out of the airport, for some reason the luggage got delayed so there were 250 people standing around the baggage carousel waiting in the 32 degree heat.

then when i got to my hotel they didn't have any record of my reservation (which i had confirmed before i left) so i ended up in a dingy single bed with a tiny window and little else. so i checked out this morning and went on an expedition to find another hotel. luckily things have turned out rather well. i am in the four seasons hotel overlooking the opera house with the qe2 just outside my window! and all for less money than i was paying in the other place. so all's well that ends well.

it is quite hot and humid here, a change from new zealand. although some rain is forecast for this evening so maybe that will clear it up.