i am sat waiting for my first flight of the day at orlando airport. the plan is that i fly up to jfk in new york and then from there across and down to los angeles. the flights won't be a problem, there is plenty of time for the connection. the bags on the other hand may be more challenging. when i checked in just now i discovered that the luggage is going straight through, if i had know this i may have planned things differently. you see i am flying to jfk with american airlines (which lands at terminal 7) and then i am changing airlines and terminals to go onto los angeles (rather bizarrely to qantas from terminal 9). it will be a test of the baggage handling profession.

the closing sessions yesterday were great. "harass the developers" (also known as ask the developers) was as confrontational as ever. it is basically an hour of people like me asking really difficult questions to the 25 people up on stage while the rest of the audience clap and cheer to give support. the closing session had an irish singer/comedian perform some songs and tell a few stories. it was actually a great way to wrap up another lotusphere.

i haven't really got any plans for la other than to have a look around, so hopefully a few pictures and impressions to follow.