well i have rented a car. i had planned to go all out and get a porsche or mercedes but although they were available (and actually pretty good value) i found out that you have to provide your own insurance. not so easy for a non-american. anyway, they could offer me a lexus (or as alan partridge would say a "lekshush") four wheel drive which is still pretty good fun and has loads of gadgets for me to play with. i've just been down to the beach at the end of wilshire boulevard (where i am staying). it's 80 degrees outside so i am just sunning myself on my balcony with a beer, some music and a book. the true holiday has started.

on the advice of someone i met at lotusphere i am heading to trader vic's tonight. it's the bar attached to my hotel and is apparently quite good fun. apart from that i am planning a relaxing couple of days just driving around and exploring la.