i had meant to do my usual and post every day while we are away but we have been so busy do nothing that i haven't had the chance! we went to universal studios today (as the picture proves) and did all the usual rides. it's still very difficult to get used to the whole sun and warmth in december thing. last night we sat outside having a barbeque around the pool and several of us had jacuzzis in the dark. honestly, we are just having a terrible time and want to come home as soon as possible.

as ed asked yesterday, i am due back here in around 3 weeks time for lotusphere. this is the first time i have been here other than lotusphere and it is a very different experience. i suppose i shouldn't be surprised but there are far more people here now than at the end of january. and wandering around the 'sphere hotels without the lotus branding everywhere is a very odd experience. i keep expecting to bump into people i have met over the years but, of course, none of those people will be around for a few weeks more.

the plans are fluid to say the least over the next few days. we had promised ourselves to barbeque on christmas day and luckily dad has managed to find brussel sprouts so that is one minor potential disaster avoided! i really must do my christmas shopping tomorrow so it's off to the wilds of international drive for some uber-tacky gifts.

the first sets of pictures have been uploaded and more will be put up over the next few days.