new york

we all arrived safely in new york. it is absolutely freezing here. when we went out for breakfast this morning it was minus 3 centigrade but with wind chill it feels a lot colder. we'll call it "bracing" shall we! everyone has split up to do their own thing so far today. judith, matt and i paid a visit to ground zero and then i walked back from there up to central park. we are all meeting for lunch in an hour at grand central station.

got an e-mail from mum and dad saying that the weather hasn't been great for the last few days. hopefully it will pick up soon.

we are going to do the empire state building when it gets dark and then, i'm sure we'll have a few drinks. pictures will start to go up tomorrow when i have some time on the plane as we fly to orlando. at some point today i have to do my christmas shopping but i'm not sure when i'll get the chance.