well it didn't come easily but england have finally w on the world cup. i watched the game in nottingham with fiona and simon and although it was great you wouldn't want to go through that very often. i don't think i have ever seen such a tense game of rugby. and for once we won, we deserved to win and we can revel in it.

oh, and e d, the "boring white with red cross kind of look" is our national flag. sorry if it's not bright enough for you :)

the weekend was excellent all round really. after the rugby yesterday we went into nottingham and had some lunch before fiona forced us to watch love actually (only joking fiona!) which turned out to be rather good actually. as we said after the film it had the entire british membership of equity starring.

so a weekend of junk food, a few beers, a win at rugby, a win at football, a good movie and good company. excellent (actually).