england win once and lose twice. guess which one i care about most?

a bit of a relaxing weekend all round. finally got around to seeing matrix revolutions. i think the best strategy with going into the film is to expect the worst film ever made. then you might be pleasantly surprised. so much has been written about the lost opportunity of these sequels that i am not going to add to it. i will try and be positive; the effects are stunning and i genuinely think that this will be the last sequel (even though a route back is left open).

an interesting week at work coming up. we had got ourselves into a position where it is just possible to deliver the next project on time after various changes had pushed us closer and closer to being late. but i had a wink tipped to me that tomorrow we are going to get another 15 days of work thrown at us to be completed by the end of november. frankly if this is the case then there is nothing we can do but be late. i absolutely refuse to cut down the amount of testing time we have as this project is so complicated. prepare for acronym hell. we are partially integrating several systems so for a few weeks various parts will be running on domino, .net, oracle, websphere, apache/tomcat and a proprietary workflow engine! not an ideal situation i think you'll agree but it certainly makes for a challenging architectural role.