just a nightmarish day today. pretty much everything which could go wrong has done.

firstly two of our production servers ran out of disk space at the weekend. we should have been notified weeks ago that disk space was running low but we heard nothing until users started complaining that they could not save documents. so most of the day was spent frantically moving databases to a new server and trying to placate irate managers.

then two bugs turned up for an area which is looked after by someone who is not in the office so muggins had to deal with them.

the network connections to our dev environment crashed this afternoon and finally the delivery date for the bit of work i was meant to be doing today has actually moved forward!

it's just one of those days when you want to just dig a hole and hide until it is all over. i am consoling myself that tomorrow can't be any worse. apologies for the moan but i've got it all off my chest now.