it was a cards night in wimbledon last night with the usual suspects present. as usual we had a few drinks, talked rubbish and played as many made up games as "proper" card games.

a pretty good weekend all round really. i saw kill bill on friday night. not being a big fan of kung-fu films (or particularly of tarantino) i am sure lots of the content flew over my head but it is worth seeing just for the final fight scene with the "crazy 88" and, as always, the sound-track. he has this ability to put totally incongruous songs in the strangest places that just... work. who could have imagined nancy sinatra's bang bang being played as an entire wedding party gets assassinated?

i was listening to the e ngland vs samoa rugby commentary on the radio on the way home this morning and was beginning to get a bit worried that the whole campaign was going to fall apart but they managed to pull things together so we live to fight another day.