the party at the magic kingdom turned into a bit of a classic last night. we got to see the disney parade, mickey, minnie and a huge fireworks display. although incredibly cheesy it was great fun, all of the restaurants were open (and free), there were beer carts all round the park so we never went thirsty and everyone was just in a great party mood. i didn't get to go on the small world ride but we did go on pirates of the caribbean which i think is pretty much the same. unforutnately the battery ran out on my camera so no proof.

we got turfed out pretty early (about 11pm) so we headed back to one of the main hotels and found the bar where a guy was playing the piano and leading everyone through two and a half hours of songs. of course we might have supped a few more beers. suffice to say i woke up quite late this morning.

it's the last day of the 'sphere today and everything is already beginning to wrap up. it's always a bit depressing, saying goodbye to people you won't see for quite a while. i am lucky... tomorrow i fly up to new york and then across to los angeles. so onwards...